You don't have to spend years transforming your mindset.

You have the power to connect the dots from who you are to who you want to be.


Tired of getting excited but one bad day derails your progress?

You just want to know what you should be doing, consistently, so you can finally have some wins!


+ Time is flying & you're overwhelmed

+ Regrets from the past swim in your head

+ Money mistakes hold you hostage

+ As hard as you try, your can't stick to your routines

+ Pursuing your passions is a luxury you think you don't have

+ You're stuck reacting instead of being proactive

Are you ready to create a life you love?


Introducing the 


Renew, Refocus & Reboot You VIP Program: Plan Your Best Life in 90 Days




By the end of this program you'll:

+ Open the door to forgiveness & begin healing 

+ Create the habit of acknowledging your greatness

+ Intentionally take repeated actions that bring your vision into reality

+ Infuse more fun & play into your life & the power of self-care

+ Uncover your money blocks

+ Identify your vision, design the steps to making it real & start making it happen

+ Learn why you're in a pattern of overwhelm & how to use boundaries to create grace & space in your relationships

+ Create your "This is hard & I'm tired" toolkit

+ Reclaim your voice so your no's & yes's are in alignment with your dreams & goals

How this program works:

+ 8 hour long phone sessions. We meet weekly for the first 4 sessions and then every two weeks for the final 4

+ 10 PDF worksheets & 2 PDF workbooks to help you get momentum & deep awareness from the start

+ 2 guided meditations

+ Email support in addition to our phone sessions

+ On the phone exercises & homework with actionable steps to remove blocks, embrace your resistance, & strengthen your ability to reroute when life gets hard

Together we'll penetrate, beyond the surface, of your unsupportive habits and thought patterns. We'll co-create personalized & actionable strategies to raise your energy, experience transformational learning, & bring your authentic vision into reality.


This program is a good fit for you if:

+ You are committed to going on a journey of self-exploration & recognize transformation is a process

+ You are open to deeply engaging with your desires, fears, & doubts

+ You're willing to be stretched outside of your comfort zone

+ You consider yourself a lifelong learner

+ You're ready to take action & interested in compassionate yet honest support

this program is not a good fit for you if:

+You only interested in goal oriented strategies & hate "woo-woo" activities such as journaling or meditation (that's cool but not how I roll)

+You're unwilling to be compassionately challenged

+You're looking for a quick fix

+You don't have at least 2 hours weekly, outside of our time together, to implement practices & strategies 

+You don't have the financial resources to invest in this program (totally understandable)


Hi, I'm Loha Raphael.

I'm committed to helping you find your true voice by creating strategies that allow you to learn how to live your life with clarity, confidence, courage & compassion.

My compassionate & honest approach guides you to dig deep & peel back the layers of your fear so you can identify what you want, why you want it & create a plan to move forward in your life with clarity, courage & hope.

my story

I've always loved having intense conversations. In high school, my friends & I would spend hours on the phone talking about everything under the sun. Now I've graduated to having endless conversations over a meal (foodies unite!). But most of them never knew how much I struggled with self-doubt & fear.

I've spent most of my life searching for the "thing" that would erase the self-doubt & give me courage. The one magical job, relationship, book, class, piece of advice that would finally make me feel like I fit into my life. I read tons of books, listened to podcasts, registered for webinar after webinar & even though I understood what was being taught on logical level my life still wasn't changing. It wasn't until I finally invested in coaching that slowly but surely I began sweeping away the cobwebs in my mind, my heart, MY BEING. 

The missing ingredient for me was professional guidance from people who personally knew me. My personal journey has inspired me to become a life coach guiding women as they transition from fuzzy to clear, from dullish to brighter, from blah to hope, from discontent to peaceful.

Through the Courageous Coaching Training Program, which is rooted in a holistic philosophy grounded in supporting clients where they are, I'm cultivating my ability to hold space for you as your new insights excite, terrify, intrigue, challenge, and grow you. It would be my honor to support you.

You can learn more about me at